Johnson Family Portraits

So some days, you’re just not feeling it. Some days your hair wont behave, the milk mysteriously expired early,  your car refuses to start, the dog threw up on the rug, and your cell phone is dead. And now, you can’t find the charger. Some days are just, ugh, one of those days.


Charlie was having one of those days, the kids’ version of it, anyway. Charlie had a case of the Mondays. Charlie wanted no part of any camera pointed in his direction. We get it, little man, life happens. Sometimes all you can do it push yourself through it, find the joy in the little things, and have a giggle at your parents smooch. We get it. We understand.  Maybe we can add a bike to the mix, and some woods to explore, and we will get some super-cute photos along the way, even  if you don’t notice it when it’s happening. 🙂 Here’s some favorites from a day out at Hoppily Ever After Farms…


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