Vendor Spotlight: Beautiful Day Planning

In another installment of our Vendor Spotlight series, we present one of the less visible professionals helping the big day run flawlessly – the Wedding Planner. In my over 10 years of being in the wedding industry there are some people that I just click with (pun totally intended), and Jennie of Beautiful Day Planning is one of them.

Jennie standing up in a wedding rather than working a wedding – sister love!

She has vision, dedication and the drive to provide the best possible wedding for her clients – and she does her job so well, you don’t even know she’s there. The role of the Wedding Planner isn’t as obvious as your florist or photographer, so we asked Jennie to help us explain what they do, and why you should hire one 🙂 Settle in with a nice cup of Starbucks, and let the professional soothe your wedding anxiety, it’s what she excels at.

We do what we do because we LOVE, love and we LOVE weddings.  We live to create the perfect day for our clients!

I love seeing all of the hard work, the months of planning, come to life.  I love seeing the couple in that first moment when they see each other – when you can literally see the love and dedication on their faces.  I love watching the families and guests celebrate, and be happy for the new union that has been created.
We are different because we are so full service.  A lot other planners limit what they do on the day of the wedding, we do not.  We truly believe, at our core, that our one and only job the day of the wedding is to make it as best as possible for our clients.

I have a superstition about Starbucks.  Twice in my career I have not gotten a Starbucks on the way to a client’s wedding and both of those times, sometime MAJOR went wrong during the wedding day.  Since that second wedding, I REFUSE to let a wedding day go by without a Starbucks!!
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