What to wear while getting ready for your Michigan wedding

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Want your perfect pictures of you and your girls getting ready for the big day? One of the first things I recommend thinking about is your comfort. It’s going to be a long day, and believe me you don’t want to start your day wearing uncomfortable clothes. Can you imagine sitting for hours in hair and make-up wearing jeans that are too tight? No thank you and ps – feeling uncomfortable will show in your pictures. You’ll never regret looking comfortable in your prep pictures. Here’s a few ideas to help you be comfortable and still look cute!

Comfortable can definitely be cute! The thing to consider is that you want something you can easily take off without disturbing your hair or smudging your makeup. Robes, button-down shirts and tank-tops are some great ideas that our previous brides wore to keep the morning low-stress and picture perfect!

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Robes are often a great choice. They’re cute, comfortable, and champagne poppin’ easy to move around in. Plus they are easy to get out of without messing your hair and make-up.

Button-down shirts are another great option.  Especially when planning a Michigan wedding. Layering a button down with a tank top will help transition from those chilly mornings to the hot beautiful days. 

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