Jessica + Mike ~ Detroit Zoo Wedding

We kicked off our 2018 wedding season last weekend and it to say it was amazing would be an understatement. I have been looking forward to Mike & Jessica’s wedding for months. The day was perfect, the weather held out and we got to spend the day with penguins! One of them even made an appearance as if introducing the new couple during the ceremony. ? Yes, their wedding took place at the penguin exhibit at the Polk Penguin Conservation Center! How cools it that?!? Jessica and Mike love going to the zoo and especially love the penguins and I’m not sure that there’s a more perfect way to tie that into their wedding. Their wedding day was filled with love, laughter and tears as they committed their love to each other in front of the most important and influential people who’ve helped to make them who they are.

Verwys_Wedding 002_WEB.jpg
Verwys_Wedding 071-2_WEB.jpg
Verwys_Wedding 052-2_WEB.jpg
Verwys_Wedding 061-2_WEB.jpg
Verwys_Wedding 096_WEB.jpg
Verwys_Wedding 159-2_WEB.jpg
Verwys_Wedding 180-2_WEB.jpg
Verwys_Wedding 185_WEB.jpg
Verwys_Wedding 208_WEB.jpg
Verwys_Wedding 243-2_WEB.jpg
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Verwys_Wedding 864_WEB.jpg
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Verwys_Wedding 376_WEB.jpg
Verwys_Wedding 429_WEB.jpg
Verwys_Wedding 530_WEB.jpg
Verwys_Wedding 515-2_WEB.jpg
Verwys_Wedding 937_WEB.jpg
Verwys_Wedding 894_WEB.jpg
Verwys_Wedding 980_WEB.jpg
Verwys_Wedding 982_WEB.jpg
Verwys_Wedding 1000_WEB.jpg
Verwys_Wedding 995_WEB.jpg
Verwys_Wedding 1037_WEB.jpg
Verwys_Wedding 708_WEB.jpg
Verwys_Wedding 1070-2_WEB.jpg
Verwys_Wedding 1091_WEB.jpg
Verwys_Wedding 1095_WEB.jpg
Verwys_Wedding 1097_WEB.jpg
Verwys_Wedding 1124_WEB.jpg
Verwys_Wedding 1222_WEB.jpg
Verwys_Wedding 1256_WEB.jpg
Verwys_Wedding 1252_WEB.jpg
Verwys_Wedding 1221_WEB.jpg
Verwys_Wedding 1120_WEB.jpg

Congratulations Jessica and Mike! I’m honored to have been a part of your day and I wish you a lifetime of love and happiness!

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