Eseries: When to schedule your engagement session

I love, love, love when couples do an engagement session with me. If you’re uncertain about engagement portraits, please refer to this post and let me tell you again that yes, you should have one!

Now that you’ve decided to have one, the next question is when should you schedule it?

There’s a couple of things to consider here. Are you planning on using these photos for any of your wedding stationary? Save-the-Dates, guest books, shower invitations… there are many different opportunities to showcase these images, and if you’re using them for Save-the-Dates you’ll want to book your engagement session at 8-10 months ahead of the wedding to allow time for printing.

If you’re not using the photos for your wedding stationary, plan for 2-3 months before the actual wedding at the latest. 4-6 months before the wedding is ideal.

Booking a photographer early in the planning process offers you the luxury of choosing which season you prefer – hot cocoa and a crackling fire, or a barefoot stroll on the beach? Fall colors or spring blossoms? Pick your favorite season and a fun activity, and you will absolutely love the results!

Also consider a trial run of your bridal hair and makeup – and then schedule your engagement shoot that afternoon. It’s a bonus to see how your makeup will photograph and avoid any unpleasant surprises when you get your wedding portraits back!

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