Your wedding photographs + technology.

I was chatting with a wedding planner friend one day about how I can work with them more and I was surprised when she said to remove the album from my photography collections. Wait. What? Then what do couples do with their wedding pictures? They create albums on Facebook. Okay I get it. It’s fun to share on social media and I love seeing clients sharing my images of them (especially when they give photo credit 🙂 ), but what happens when Facebook goes away like MySpace did? Does anyone here even remember MySpace?

Computers are constantly innovating new ways to store and retrieve data…by the time Facebook shuts down and Instagram is no more, you’ve probably already gotten a new computer, one that doesn’t have a cd drive and maybe flash drives are gone by then. Technology changes so, so fast, and social media fads come and go. If you have your wedding pictures on a CD, for example, and you bought a computer without a cd drive (because they’re almost obsolete) how are you going to get those pictures? What if nobody used flash drives anymore? What if your hard drive died? There are ways, but they will be a costly or time consuming hassle.

So where are your wedding pictures? The ones you spent thousands of dollars on, but for whatever reason decided not to get an album. I know, you were going to create your own album. Never found the time right? Too overwhelmed at looking through hundreds of pictures of your favorite day ever, and and picking favorites? I get it. I won’t even go into the fact that people are taking the images they paid thousands of dollars for and printing them in a $29.99 book and calling it their wedding album. I’m not judging, I swear I’m not. It’s a quality issue, you paid a lot of money for those photographs, and the cheap print quality will not do them justice. But hey, that’s okay. For the ones that actually make the album, good for you and I’m happy you at least have something to pass on to future generations. Even if it’s not representative of the art you paid for. At least it’s something.

Yes I do offer the digital files with all of my wedding collections, and I’ve removed the album from some of my collections. Who am I to tell my couples what they want/can have? But here is my professional opinion as a photographer with 10 years experience in the wedding industry… please seriously consider a wedding album.  Technology changes, computers crash and if either of those things happen you are at risk of losing all of your pictures from your wedding if they are not safely backed up.  But your printed pictures and your wedding album will last forever. It’s something away from a screen, something to feel and hold in your hands, a physical reminder of that incredible day. Something to sit on the couch and flip through with a glass of wine on a rainy day. Something to show your children and point out family members they may not know or remember. After all the work and time and money that go into your wedding, this is the physical copy of your memories, in crystal clear detail and arranged to tell the story of the day. It’s a special gift to yourselves as a couple, and it’s an heirloom for your children and their children.

Flipping through photo albums with grandma remains a treasured childhood memory, and I fear it’s getting lost in favor of pixels on a screen. Print your pictures, people! 🙂 And really think about making the room in your photography budget for an album.

Your wedding album is your first family heirloom and we make the process super easy and they totally deserve some press time. Albums are one of my favorite parts about weddings and I’ll be sharing them more here starting now.

Here is Breanna & Jimmy’s album from last Spring. I loved working on their design (and with them!); click here to  view their whole wedding post. 

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