A Smashing Good Time ~ Cake Smash Sessions

Watching your child eating cake during their first birthday party is by far some of the funniest and most memorable moments of the day.  So why not preserve those memories forever by including a cake smash in your child’s 1 year session?  The cake smash photo trend has been around for some years now, and has even been picked up by some ironic 30 year olds more recently. It shows no sign of slowing, only evolving into bigger and better. And why not? It’s a time honored tradition and the resulting pictures are adorable!

BobbyTrombley_02231Year_WEBAnd the best part?  We’ve teamed with up with an amazing cake artist who will work with you to design the perfect cake for your session and delivers it right to the studio so you don’t have to worry about bringing one more thing to your session.  You can match the cake to the outfit, pick the theme and props, and you won’t miss the perfect smash moment trying to get pictures.  Cakes featured above by Living. Breathing. Baking.




JamesSaigh_1Year_0423_WEBSometimes they aren’t real keen on the idea, but don’t worry eventually they warm up to it and dig right in!


You’ll get the  perfect photos for gifts, cards, and hanging on the wall.  Maybe even to break out at the graduation party!

Enjoy our sugary shots above?

We also have a  Cake Smash Pinterest board for some more inspiration!


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