Learning balance and an evening of wine, dinner and murder…

After the holidays I was so bummed out.  I mean in tears bummed out.  I barely took any pictures.  I had made the conscious decision to unplug, put my phone away and enjoy every single moment.  I didn’t want to mess with camera settings and lighting.  And while I don’t regret unplugging for an instant, I do wish I would have taken more pictures.

So this year, my goal is to learn balance.  Balance as a photographer and lover of pictures, balance as a business owner and as a wife.  Balance in working and living at home.  I know it’s not something that will come easy and something I will need to work on every minute of the day.  But I will, I have to.

One thing I know I must master in order to find this so called balance, is learning to take more personal pictures.  Yes, I take cell shots and they’re great for sharing on Facebook, but they lack the quality I crave.  I have a great point and shoot and it’s perfect for snapshots and I do use that more often.  But I’ve gotten in the habit of leaving my “big” camera put away and  I think in order to find balance, I have to learn to bring it out more.

So this past weekend we hosted an evening of wine tasting, small plates and murder…  and I took pictures!

Flashback to 1997 and the Napa Valley Wine Festival, guests have gathered at the Underwood Estates to celebrate the upcoming year.  But 5 years ago the owner of Underwood Estates was murdered and one of the 8 guests did it…


The suspects were a vineyard worker, a hippie chick vineyard owner, the black sheep heir, a Scottish tourist, a starlet, an FBI agent, a German wine merchant and the bubbly fiance of the late owner…


Wedding photography has changed the way I look at details (I always need more!!) and I love planning parties!  And with Pinterest, I love planning them even more.  🙂



We made way too much food and Scott barely teased me about how particular I was being with the setup.  He’s learning to deal with me.




Everyone really got into character and played their roles incredibly well






It was seriously an awesome time and I highly recommend hosting one of your own!

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