Clicking through the lives of others

I have a confession to make.  It’s taken me nearly 6 years to actually start liking my business name.  Clicking Through Life started out as a personal website.  Before I became I started my business, it was an iWeb space that I could share all of the pictures I took with all of my friends and family.  That was me then, clicking my way through life.  I honestly didn’t like the name Clicking Through Life for a business, but I went to register with the state of Michigan “photography by Shannon” was taken.  The nerve right?  And that is how Clicking Through Life became official.

But lately it’s taken on a new meaning for me.  While it’s still me clicking through life, now I’m clicking through the lives of others. Clients whose weddings I photographed are starting families of their own.  And when they contact me with the exciting news and ask me to photograph the next steps in their life I’m giddy for them and humbled that I get to be a part of it.

Michigan Wedding Photographer_0300.jpg

Angela and Tim were married in 2011 and earlier this year they welcomed this adorable little guy Wyatt into their family.

Michigan Wedding Photographer_0296.jpg
Michigan Wedding Photographer_0298.jpg
Michigan Wedding Photographer_0297.jpgIt’s truly awesome witnessing the love of new parents…

Michigan Wedding Photographer_0301.jpg
Michigan Wedding Photographer_0302.jpg
Michigan Wedding Photographer_0299.jpg

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