Steve & Marlaina’s Sycamore Hills Wedding

It’s such an honor when another wedding professional trusts you and your work enough to document their own wedding.   Out of all of the photographer’s that Steve has worked with throughout his many years of providing music wedding receptions, he asked me.   Steve is a friend of mine who I met working with JD Entertainment  and an outstanding DJ, I might add, and to say that I was honored is an understatement.

Steve and Marlaina met in the fall of 2008 at a wedding of course 🙂 and a few weeks ago their family became one.  The weather was perfect, the day was perfect, and their wedding at Sycamore Hills couldn’t have been more perfect.  It was simple and elegant, exactly what they wanted.  But more importantly they knew that their marriage was truly about their union and family being brought together by God…

039_Tocco-Ball Wedding_WEB.jpg
078_Tocco-Ball Wedding_WEB.jpg

095_Tocco-Ball Wedding_WEB.jpg
133_Tocco-Ball Wedding_WEB.jpg

172_Tocco-Ball Wedding_WEB.jpg

His son and “Best Buddy” Tristan along with his mom escorted Steve down the aisle
185_Tocco-Ball Wedding_WEB.jpg

Their daughters Janessa and Alahna
202_Tocco-Ball Wedding_WEB.jpgAnd Marlaina looking perfectly stunning as she made her way down the aisle
208_Tocco-Ball Wedding_WEB.jpgAnd in this moment, Steve couldn’t agree more…
222_Tocco-Ball Wedding_WEB.jpg
227_Tocco-Ball Wedding_WEB.jpg
243_Tocco-Ball Wedding_WEB.jpg
289_Tocco-Ball Wedding_WEB.jpg
308_Tocco-Ball Wedding_WEB.jpg
316_Tocco-Ball Wedding_WEB.jpg

And at the end of the ceremony, Marlaina presented Steve with the rose!
326_Tocco-Ball Wedding_WEB.jpg
351_Tocco-Ball Wedding_WEB.jpgthen after this ceremony, this happened…
366_Tocco-Ball Wedding_WEB.jpgand my eyes started to mist over as this happened next…
474_Tocco-Ball Wedding_WEB.jpgSuch a beautiful family!
409_Tocco-Ball Wedding_WEB.jpg

509_Tocco-Ball Wedding_WEB.jpg
547_Tocco-Ball Wedding_WEB.jpg
089_Tocco-Ball Wedding_WEB.jpgSteve made this cake stand himself!
154_Tocco-Ball Wedding_WEB.jpgThe mixture of purple coral was perfectly lovely
610_Tocco-Ball Wedding_WEB.jpgTheir daughter Jenessa introduced her Mom and Dad
700_Tocco-Ball Wedding_WEB.jpgSteve’s speech was heartfelt and funny and included his whole family
744_Tocco-Ball Wedding_WEB.jpgMy good friend John, owner of JD Entertainment was there pumping the music and Tom from Complete Video documented it along with me.
760_Tocco-Ball Wedding_WEB.jpg

499_Tocco-Ball Wedding_WEB.jpg

One last favorite from the day…  Steve and Marlaina, thank you for allowing me the honor of documenting your wedding day!


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