Kate & Zach’s Downtown St. Clair Engagement Session

They first met in 2009 in college while working together at the cafeteria near Kate’s dorm.  Although Zach and Kate didn’t typically work the same shifts, Kate was crushing hard and would always be on the lookout for him whenever her and her roommates would come to eat.  Then she finally scored a few shifts with him and much to her delight they exchanged phone numbers.  They have been together ever since…  And now Kate & Zach are getting married this July in East Lansing at the church they attended while in college together at MSU…

003_DeBoyer-Steffes Esession_WEB.jpg

We decided to have their engagement session in Downtown St. Clair.  I got there a little early and was able to take in the beauty of water and peacefully watch this ship make it’s way down the river.
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When Kate & Zach arrived with their puppy, I took one look at her and fell in love.  But she was a little excited and overwhelmed at this new place and foreign scents.
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She did manage to sit still for these shots though and I love them!
390_DeBoyer-Steffes Esession_WEB.jpg
083_DeBoyer-Steffes Esession_WEB.jpg

I love their smiles…
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320_DeBoyer-Steffes Esession_WEB.jpg
108_DeBoyer-Steffes Esession_WEB.jpg

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I had never had a session in St. Clair so after spending some time along the board walk I wanted to walk and see what else we could find…
185_DeBoyer-Steffes Esession_WEB.jpg

Downtown St. Clair has some amazing beauty, of course these two would make any location shine!
202_DeBoyer-Steffes Esession_WEB.jpg

But then we found this little spot and I didn’t want to leave it.  I love it.  It had this quaint little small town vibe and the light was just beautiful.
210_DeBoyer-Steffes Esession_WEB.jpg

214_DeBoyer-Steffes Esession_WEB.jpg

242_DeBoyer-Steffes Esession_WEB
Kate & Zach, I had so much fun with you guys and I can’t wait to work together again at your wedding!

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