A beautiful country wedding, complete with fresh snow and cows! Rebecca & David’s Memphis Wedding

Rebecca and David met when they were just teenagers.  They lived in neighboring towns and attended the same church which led to their first date.   Minus the first date and teenage awkwardness the date was a success.  Afterwards Rebecca waited and waited anticipating a call for a second date that never came… Til this day, David insists that he called back numerous times, but either she never got the message, or David was too nervous to leave one.  That doesn’t really matter though, because a few years ago their paths crossed again and the awkwardness was gone and the rest is history in the making!

The ceremony took place at Holy Family Parish in Memphis, where the girls got ready in the beautiful newly finished activity center.

If you remember from their engagement session, this couple loves the snow!  And although they’re wasn’t much for their engagement session last winter, there was plenty of it for their wedding day!

The ceremony was absolutely beautiful, I always enjoy Father Joe’s ceremonies.

Afterwards we headed to Rebecca’s Grandma’s farm where we able to take a little bit of shelter from the snow.  It didn’t help too much on the cold though, this wedding party were Rock Stars!

I had the pleasure of having Ryan Fisher 2nd shooting with me and this image he grabbed really shows the weather of the day!

I was excited when Rebecca told me she was planning to wear her cowboy boots for portraits.  She is very much a country bride and shared with me this idea of her sitting in the tire and I just love these!  No, she’s not sitting directly on the tire – I would never risk getting a dress dirty like that.  I keep a blanket in my car, just in case a bride doesn’t mind having a little fun.  🙂


Cows in your wedding photographs?  Why not?!?!

I love that they had left plenty of room in their timeline for pictures.  Rebecca originally wanted to go Downtown Detroit to my “secret spot”, but the snowfall made the roads too bad for that long of a drive so we headed to Blake’s Big Apple instead. I think it worked pretty well!

The reception took place at the Mirage in Clinton Township and I had the pleasure of working with my good friend Kevin with Twigs and Branches Floral again who had everything looking absolutely amazing.

 Rather than a traditional cake Rebecca and David chose to cut a yummy Achatz Pie and served cure little mini pies for desert.

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