There’s more to it???

What I didn’t realize when I first started my business is how much more there is to being a photographer (and business owner) than just taking pictures.  Yes meeting new people and photographing them is definitely the best part, but there’s so much else that goes on behind the scenes…

A few weeks ago I stumbled upon this article and I have to admit that before I started my business, I was guilty of believing that photographers were “rockstars” too.  What?  You mean that there’s more to this than just mastering my craft and taking pictures?  You mean that all of these other photographers that are constant traveling to awesome locations do all of this other stuff too?

Well this week has proven that article to be all too true to me and it seems as though I haven’t left my computer in a week.  Technically that’s not true.  I did have a couple portrait sessions, a networking event, and an unfortunate trip to the apple store.  Oh but I did sneak away for a few hours to see Breaking Dawn (and check #28 off of my list!).

But for the most part I’ve been holed up in my little office working at the computer.  At least there’s a window so I’ve been able to at least notice the days go by while ingesting way too much caffeine.  These past 2 months have gone by in a flurry of shooting and editing amongst other business obligations.  With hunting season upon us, I was so very much looking forward to this past week with Scott away to get caught up.  This way he isn’t here to yell at me for working too much.  Then, my hard drive on my laptop crashes and an entire memory card is lost.  Countless hours were spent weeding through over 25,000 recovered files from every drive that I own.  Which has apparently led to me biting my nails again.  UGH.  But all in all, it’s been a pretty productive week and I accomplished quite a bit given the situation.  Scott comes home tonight and tomorrow is my first day off since coming home from Ericka & Jacob’s wedding in Florida (traveling to awesome locations is definitely a perk!)

And because long winded posts are always better with pictures, here’s some from the EPIC Award’s ceremony I photographed for NACE at the Inn at St. Johns last month.

The centerpieces were some of the most creative I’ve seen…

The entire room was decorated so beautifully…

Notice those pieces of fabric hanging from the ceilings?

There were strolling performers during cocktail hour..

Those pieces of fabric I pointed out earlier were used by arial performers during dinner!

and some more amazing details…

Here’s just a few of the many awesome vendors helped make it such an amazing event:

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