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Breanna and Jimmy were such a genuine, sweet and fun couple to work with, which was a great way to kick off the wedding season!  It was a beautiful, breezy spring day, tress in bloom and one of the most gorgeous churches in Detroit, filled with dazzling smiles between a lovely couple. I knew it was going to be a great day going in-  we had such a good time during their engagement session. They are such warm, happy people, and so much fun to be around.

The day started off with a very touching moment between Breanna and her dad, when she gave him a special ‘first look’ at her dress before everyone went to the church. Another special touch to the day – it was the same church Breanna’s parents got married at years ago! Jimmy beamed all day, but the biggest and brightest smile was when he saw his stunning bride coming down the aisle. Breanna looked like a Disney princess; between her sparkly jeweled hairband and dramatic ballgown, she could’ve stepped right out of a pumpkin carriage.  After the ceremony the wedding party joined the newlyweds for some portraits around downtown Detroit, before heading over to the Masonic Temple for dinner and dancing. The happy couple made my job easy – every look, smile, touch, and hug was so sincere and natural. They love to love each other, and it was all over their faces. An amazing day full of smiles and laughter – and a perfect start to the season. Here’s some favorites from the day…

Vendor Love: 

Ceremony: Old St. Mary’s Detroit 

Reception: Masonic Temple

Florist: Twigs and Branches

Entertainment: Night and Day Productions

Congratulations, Breanna and Jimmy!



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One of my favorite parts of my job is being able to work with a family through the years, watching them grow – and the Hofbauer family is such a perfect example. I’ve worked with them on several occasions, and it’s so sweet to watch the kids grow up literally before my eyes. It looks like little Will has grown a foot since Auntie Emily’s wedding  just 5 months ago! Here’s a few favorites from our springtime portrait session to celebrate the newest little Miss Hofbauer – arriving soon!

Congratulations, Ashly and Kyle!

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So your engagement session is coming up and the big question is, what are you going to wear?! Don’t stress to hard. These sessions are about capturing the special moments between two people in love, not fashion. My goal during your engagement session is to show the two of you as a couple, how you smile at each other, that look in your eyes, how you laugh together. A lot of times, you barely notice the outfits.  🙂
I always tell my clients to dress in a way that feels normal and comfortable for you and to express your personal style. The more relaxed and confident you are, the better the photos.  Are you a jeans and t-shirt couple?  Awesome, but maybe kick it up a notch with a pair of boots, a jacket, scarf, or some bold jewelry.  Been looking for a chance to wear that cool fedora? Or those not-so-comfortable high heels you still just love (bring along an extra pair for walking though 😉 ). Still something that’s YOU – just with a little extra sparkle.
How many outfits should you bring? One or two is perfectly fine, with maybe an extra scarf or shawl for some layering. Anything more than that takes the focus off capturing your interaction and makes it more about what you’re wearing. I want to capture you guys are, not just what you like modeling different clothes. 🙂
Be aware outfit changes will require a place to change. Depending on your location, you may have to be prepared to change in the car,  so keep that in mind when you’re planning your clothing. Bringing a sweater or blanket can change the whole feel of an outfit without having to completely change clothes.
All that said, many people  to do a formal look and a casual look. And while we can’t tell you what YOU should wear, we can show you what other people wear, and maybe give you some ideas on how to pull together a few outfits for your engagement session. See how other couples incorporated their favorite details or hobbies. Bring along any signs or props that reflect you, your hobbies and your personalities.  Your engagement pictures are perfect to use for your save-the-dates, or holiday cards; if you wanted to coordinate colors or themes, you can do that with your accessories.
Maybe for your casual outfit, you’ll celebrate your favorite sports team together?
Playing around with your coats and a blanket makes a huge difference on those chilly winter days!
A spring dress and cardigan combo can keep you looking polished and feeling ready for whatever weather the day brings.
Don’t forget your umbrella and sunglasses!
You love wild prints and patterns? Go for it! Spring and summer dresses will pop out in the photos.

Stay cool in the summer months in a cute dress or romper.

Some couples like to incorporate their alma mater, which is just perfect for a fall session.
Maybe dressing in your cozy casual favorites for a romantic stroll in the woods?
And if you were wondering if, as the bride-to-be, you should wear white? If you want! Many ladies do, and many ladies don’t. It’s totally up to you.
Whether there’s every color…
Or barely any color… Your clothes will not be what makes these pictures great. You are. You both are. Your love is. Your story is. So… Smile. Relax. and Have Fun. 🙂
    One last tip: ladies, don’t forget to take care of your nails before the session! There’s a certain ring on your finger we’re going to be looking to get some pictures of! Now shine on, you crazy diamonds.

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Welcome to the next edition of “Clicking Through the Lives of Others”!  I first met Mariah & Dennis in 2014  when they were planning their wedding. Dennis told me that all he wanted was to see Mariah smiling, happy and loved… On their wedding day, he got exactly what he wished for, Mariah was smiling at him, beyond happy and you could see how much she was loved every time he looked at her.  In just a few weeks they will celebrate their 2nd anniversary, you can see pictures from their wedding here.  Just when they thought they couldn’t love each other anymore than on their wedding day, they welcomed their daughter Adalee into their lives and hearts and I’ve gotten to spend a lot of time with them and their adorable little girl documenting her first year.  Keep scrolling to see how their love has grown – and wait until you see the cake smash!


Smash cake by Living. Breathing. Baking.

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One of my favorite #jobperks is having the ability to work from anywhere and this past winter I totally took advantage of it. Nine of our ten nieces and nephews were born outside the state of Michigan and both my sister and sister-in-law were expecting babies within a couple of weeks of each other.  Since there is not much photography or farming going on in the coldest part of the winter here, I packed up my “office”, camera gear and 3 weeks worth of clothes all in my carryon and “personal item” and  I bought a one way ticket to Florida.

My three week trip turned into 5 due to a couple babies that weren’t quite ready to make their appearance into the world just yet. I got to be there for both of their births!  Two amazing experiences that will have to wait for another post.  There’s just too much to share all in one.  🙂

While I wasn’t originally planning on spending that long there, I got to be there for so many of life’s moments with my family.  Living 1000 miles away from each other is hard and you miss out on those little every day happenings. Having the freedom to work remotely allowed me the opportunity to create so many memories and just be a part of their every day lives.  I miss them all so much and am counting down the days until I get to see them all again in July at my sister’s wedding (and the launch of our wedding venue)!

Fortunately for me my sister and brother like to have babies in the winter, so it’s pretty much a guarantee that I will get to be there for one of my nieces or nephew’s birthday. 🙂  This year I got there just in time to celebrate Logan’s 7th birthday with him.

That night we  headed out to dinner to celebrate with everyone and a little pie in the face fun.

Still an early riser even away from home I worked mornings before the kids got up, helped get them off to school and worked while they were gone. But once they were home, it was all playtime…

When Olivia asked to do a photoshoot for some of her toys, you know I was happy to oblige.  Maybe another one of my nieces will take up photography too!

Living so far away I sometimes don’t realize how much they’ve grown.  Like they have friends now!  And a lot of them.  For Logan’s friend birthday Melissa planned him an awesome Nerf war party.

There’s a constant barrage of nerf bullets flying around the house.  And since there’s a gun everywhere you look you can’t help but get involved. Everyone gets in on the action and my cousin took Nerf wars to a whole new level.

While my stepmom Kelley was really hoping to be surprised with 2 new grandbabies for her 50th birthday, we were able to surprise her that night with cake and ice cream while we were still patiently waiting…

This time I got to spend with my family will forever be cherished.  From birthday parties and a day of relaxing pool side at my Aunt and Uncle’s, to concerts, and cousin’s night out, I love the memories we made.

Slowly my family has been migrating to Florida, while we miss them here it does work out nicely for us.  Family time usually includes warmer weather. 🙂  And the timing couldn’t have been better.  Since my trip was extended waiting for the babies to arrive, I was able to be there while some of my Michigan family and cousins from Oregon were visiting too!

What I loved most about this trip was being there for daily life.  Getting to see my niece’s first baseball game of the year…  She’s so intense.

Spending the afternoon at the park…

I got to photograph this beautiful family…

And help my brother move into their new home 1 week after Paxton was born…

There were so many times I watched my little sister and brother in awe.  They’ve both become such amazing parents and have created these perfect little human beings for me to love.

From Nerf wars and silly string fights, dirt bikes and portrait sessions….

to running through a makeshift sprinkler on a sunny day, swinging on the swings, playing the in sand and lots of selfies…

I created so many memories…

and being there for the birth of my newest nephew and niece was priceless…

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