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It’s not often, but everyone once in a while I get a request for High School Senior portraits and although it’s not something that I specialize in, I love doing these sessions.  It’s such a milestone in their lives, and I’m happy to be a part of that.  I love hearing their stories, their hopes and dreams.  And it gives me a nice little change of pace every once in a while.  You’ll see some more coming soon too.  I have a couple more seniors scheduled for this fall and one I’m almost finished editing that I can’t wait to share!

For now, here’s some from a session earlier this year with Devon at the Dequindre Cut.  I love finding new places to shoot and I’ve heard about this area for quite a while now and was excited to finally check it out!

078_Devon Senior-2_WEB
224_Devon Senior_WEB
210_Devon Senior-2_WEB
348_Devon Senior_WEB

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This post has seriously been sitting in my drafts folder for 3 years!  So for today’s Throw Back Thursday I’m finally going to share it!

One question that I often get asked is whether or not couples should hire a videographer for their wedding day.  I’m sure that I’m stating the obvious when I say that I’m more of a picture person.  I don’t take home videos and although my camera does have the capability to record video, I have no idea how to use it.  My personal camera has video too and I tried to use it the other day and apparently I haven’t been able to figure that out yet either.  I have a flip that I know I can always rely on (when the battery isn’t dead), but what to do with them after they’re taken.  No idea.

But we did hire a professional videographer for our wedding and I’m so happy that we did!  We watch our wedding video on our anniversary every year.  Every time we watch it we notice something that we missed before which usually has us in fits of laughter.   What I love the most about watching our wedding video is seeing those that are no longer with us.  Our best friend, grandparents and Scott’s parents are full of life, sharing moments with us which would only be faded memories without our video.

We get to see one of our best friends who passed at way too young of an age donate his tie to secure Scott’s hands for the garter removal.  We get to watch my grandma on the dance floor, and we get always remember these fine words of advice from Scott’s dad and it makes me laugh every time we watch it.

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I’ve been photographing this family for years.  From their maternity session when Garrett was on the way I have loved every bit of our time together.  Not only are they clients, but they’re good friends of ours and watching and documenting their family grow has truly been amazing.  I couldn’t be happier for my friends Danielle and Scott.  Which brings us to today’s post.  It’s coming up time for Levi’s next session and I wanted to share pictures from the last time we were together before it got too late! Here’s a few of my favorites from their session at the studio this summer.

Michigan Wedding Photographer_0421.jpg

Michigan Wedding Photographer_0422.jpg
Levin is simply adorable and I just want to squeeze those little rolls every time I see him!
Michigan Wedding Photographer_0424.jpg
At 3, Garrett is full of energy and a complete joy to photograph!

Michigan Wedding Photographer_0423.jpg

Michigan Wedding Photographer_0426.jpg
Those cheeks.  That smile.  This moment.

Michigan Wedding Photographer_0428.jpg

Michigan Wedding Photographer_0427.jpg

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It was the Saturday before Christmas and Brian lured her to his house with the promise of watching Elf.  But before she could start the movie, he asked Angela to close her eyes then guided her into another room where she could hear music softly playing.  When she was finally able to open her eyes, in the dark room all she could see was the words “Will U Marry Me” strung on the wall in Christmas lights.  As she turned to Brian, he was already on one knee with a ring awaiting her finger…

Angela and Brian are getting married next year and after spending some time getting to know them during their engagement session, I know that they are perfect for each other.  They have the same sense of humor, know how to have fun together and they’ve conquered their fear of roller coasters together!

Michigan Wedding Photographer_0430.jpg

Michigan Wedding Photographer_0431.jpg

Michigan Wedding Photographer_0432.jpg

Michigan Wedding Photographer_0433.jpg

Michigan Wedding Photographer_0434.jpg

Michigan Wedding Photographer_0436.jpg

Michigan Wedding Photographer_0437.jpg

Michigan Wedding Photographer_0438.jpg

Michigan Wedding Photographer_0439.jpg

Michigan Wedding Photographer_0435.jpg

Congratulations Angela & Brian!  I had so much fun with you guys and I know your wedding is going to be amazing!

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I’m a list maker.  I have lists scattered on post it notes in my office, in Notes on my phone. Some are todo lists, some are idea lists, some are shopping lists.  I keep a running list of grocery items on my fridge.  Some times there are strange things on my list including making sure to go to my local restaurant and on very busy days I may have been known to actually write “take a shower” on my list.  These lists help me prioritize and help keep me organized and during those busy days they keep me sane.

I have a creative journal that houses my “big list”.  An idea that I got from another photographer I follow.  It’s sort of a bucket list, a list of 101 things I’d like to accomplish in 1001 days.  Rather than a list of things to in my lifetime, it’s a list of things I want to do now.  I haven’t put a lot of pressure on myself to constantly look at this list, instead every once in a while I stumble across it and am always amazed at how much I can actually mark off without focusing on it.  It’s a list of business and personal goals and dreams and I started my most recent one at the beginning of this year.  So as promised, here’s my current 101 in 1001 in no particular order…

Start 1-1-14 | End 9-28-16

  1. Offer Client Websites
  2. Start a referral program – have one in the works, but needs some tweaking
  3. Create a Newsletter – created, now have to start using it
  4. Visit Europe
  5. Babysit for a friend – Yup I threw it out there, not which one of yous is going to take me up on it?
  6. Plan a night out with a client
  7. Start my own composting – Should find out this week if it worked!
  8. Create a residential studio – I’ve learned that this will be ever changing, but the inital task is done!
  9. (this one’s personal)
  10. Read a personal book a month for a year
  11. Blog every day for a month
  12. Read a Jane Austin novel
  13. Surprise Scott with a Roadtrip
  14. Read Wuthering Heights
  15. Have my own Boudoir Session
  16. Create a work schedule
  17. Go for a Motorcycle weekend
  18. Take a vacation with my girlfriends
  19. Go to Nappa
  20. Create a Product Catalogue
  21. Build something – I’ve been playing with pallets and made a couple of shelves for my gardening area in the barn.  I have a new project in the works and am hoping it comes out as nice as it appears in my head!  I
  22. Visit our cousins in Wisconsin
  23. Commit to a healthier lifestyle
  24. Plan a vacation driving through Canada
  25. Start a networking group
  26. Have our nieces and nephews for a week in the summer
  27. See DMB at Red Rocks or the Gorge
  28. Teach a “hands on” class
  29. Visit Australia
  30. Create & Implement a marketing plan
  31. Streamline workflow
  32. Take a creative writing course
  33. Shoot a wedding in another country
  34. Start and keep a journal
  35. Plan a styled shoot at the airport
  36. Complete a 365 or 52 photo project
  37. Figure out boudoir identity and studio
  38. Spend an entire summer afternoon fishing
  39. Get macs to sync – this has been on my list forever and thanks to finally figuring out iCloud my calendar, contacts, personal photos, music and lists all sync
  40. Take time for personal pictures
  41. Get blog back running 
  42. blog personal 1x per week for 2 months
  43. blog more consistently 3-4x per week
  44. revamp welcome kit   Just finished this last week!
  45. take a roadtrip and stop along the way for photos
  46. enter a print competition
  47. incoroporate more scene setting details shots
  48. create blog series
  49. get a wedding published in MI Bride
  50. Visit all 50 states – I can check off 18 so far.
  51. go to a photo exhibit at an art museum
  52. spend 1 week a year at home, completely unplugged
  53. leave a gift on a friends doorstep
  54. read 3 books to improve my business and blog
  55. improve/add more variety to engagement sessions
  56. Instagram 1 business photo a week
  57. get into google+    Decided this isn’t for me right now
  58. Tweet 2x per week – will I ever figure out twitter?
  59. go to mexico
  60. Make new friends in new home town    We’ve been blessed with awesome neighbors that I’m happy to call our friends!
  61. take a swing dance class with scott
  62. attend a Melissa Jill workshop
  63. research a well known photographer
  64. market myself in FL for winter weddings
  65. hook up office tv for client proofing
  66. create a work schedule – Just noticed this one’s on here twice it’s that important to me.  If only I can find one that works for our crazy schedules
  67. learn to plan an instrument
  68. improve packaging
  69. new window treatments in bathroom
  70. find new slideshow program
  71. visit andrea in chicago
  72. try in studio viewing for weddings
  73. try in studio viewing for portrait sessions
  74. 2nd shoot weddings with 2 local photographers
  75. offer proof books
  76. get CPL
  77. go on a picnic
  78. get studio set up and announced
  79. take a cooking class
  80. plant a wild flower garden
  81. visit maine
  82. create a business plan
  83. see a broadway production – soon to be checked off the list next month!
  84. find out who owns property behind us
  85. create a new business idea
  86. juice everyday for a month
  87. learn how to use video on my camera
  88. add more variety to bride and groom posing
  89. spend more time photographing bride and groom separately
  90. revamp website  Now if I can get it all together that would be awesome.
  91. learn studio lighting 2014 – Implemented a 2 light setup for studio and 3 for wedding receptions!
  92. get faster at sharing images with vendors and venues
  93. Have our own lifestyle session in our home
  94. create social media stragety
  95. go 30 days without fast food
  96. drink more tea
  97. learn to meditate
  98. send birthday cards
  99. create exercise schedule that works
  100. create system for personal pictures
  101. videotape myself hula hooping  DONE! on a beach in Jamaica 2-2014.


Once I figure out how to get the video online maybe I’ll share it.  But for now I’ll wrap up this post with a picture Scott took of me hooping on the beach this past winter in Jamaica.  :-)

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