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As I was getting ready to publish my next post I realized that Heather and Trevor’s wedding was one that wasn’t published during my blog break last year.  And I can’t very well publish that post until the beginning of their story was published first.  I’ll give you one guess as to what’s coming up next?!  :-)

But first comes love and for today’s Throw Back Thursday, here’s some of my favorite images from Heather & Trevor’s wedding last summer.

Michigan Wedding Photographer_0628
Michigan Wedding Photographer_0629
I love their country style and all of the ways they incorporated it into their wedding.

Michigan Wedding Photographer_0441.jpg
Heather’s bouquet was absolutely gorgeous and quite heavy, made completely of brooches.

Michigan Wedding Photographer_0453.jpg

Michigan Wedding Photographer_0454.jpg
The ceremony took place St. Marys Catholic Church in Port Huron

Michigan Wedding Photographer_0450.jpg

Michigan Wedding Photographer_0452.jpg

Michigan Wedding Photographer_0451.jpg

Michigan Wedding Photographer_0449.jpg

Michigan Wedding Photographer_0448.jpg

Michigan Wedding Photographer_0447.jpg

Michigan Wedding Photographer_0460.jpg

Michigan Wedding Photographer_0459.jpg

Michigan Wedding Photographer_0462.jpg
I loved the pop of color in the bridesmaid’s bouquets of sunflowers.

Michigan Wedding Photographer_0445.jpg

Michigan Wedding Photographer_0446.jpg

Michigan Wedding Photographer_0461.jpg

Michigan Wedding Photographer_0458.jpg
The reception took place Alexander’s at my favorite venue in the area.
Michigan Wedding Photographer_0455.jpg
The banquet room is breathtaking with all of the piping and draping.

Michigan Wedding Photographer_0443.jpg

Michigan Wedding Photographer_0456.jpg

Michigan Wedding Photographer_0457.jpg
They had so many details tying their love for the country together…

Michigan Wedding Photographer_0442.jpg

And when Trevor sang to Heather during their first dance, my heart melted a little…

Michigan Wedding Photographer_0444.jpg

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Today I’m excited to kick off my first series on the blog!  I know I’ve mentioned several times before how much I love where we live.  I love that I have a shooting space, both for boudoir and portraits and my new hometown has this quaint small town appeal with so many fun places for sessions and portraits.  It’s filled with awesome boutiques, antique stores and some pretty awesome places to shop, visit and eat.

For my first Local Love post I’m excited to feature one of my favorite boutiques, Good Natured Gardens.  From the moment I first entered this store I was completely smitten.  There’s so many unique gifts and pieces that I can spend forever strolling around looking at everything and I swear it doesn’t matter how many times I circle the store, I always discover something new I didn’t see my first time around!

When Good Natured Gardens first opened, Jackie featured the works of 19 Michigan artist and has since grown to more than 60 Michigan artists that create all things from furniture, to pottery and jewelry.  There’s handmade soaps, lotions and even yarn.  In fact I’ve furnished much of my studio from amazing pieces I’ve picked up here!  All from artists located right here in Michigan.   Customers come from all parts of the United States to shop here and while I was there this last time, there were people visiting her store all the way from California!

Michigan Wedding Photographer_0601.jpg

The store front welcomes you with just a little peak of what you might find inside.

Michigan Wedding Photographer_0610.jpg
Michigan Wedding Photographer_0611.jpg

Michigan’s own Stormy Kromer hats and vests can be found here.

Michigan Wedding Photographer_0605.jpg

There works from 5 different potters all from the Blue Water area!

Michigan Wedding Photographer_0606.jpg

Right now you can find some of the most unique Halloween and fall art I’ve seen!

Michigan Wedding Photographer_0609.jpg

Michigan Wedding Photographer_0615.jpg

Michigan Wedding Photographer_0612.jpg

Michigan Wedding Photographer_0603.jpg

She carries a huge line of Detroit Scroll pieces including everything from t-shirts and scarfs to all different types of drink wear.  Perfect gifts for your Detroit loving family and friends.

Michigan Wedding Photographer_0613.jpg

Michigan Wedding Photographer_0604.jpg

Mixed in with some beautiful jewelry you can find beautiful pieces of blown glass and tile art.

Michigan Wedding Photographer_0607.jpg

Jackie recently expanded this year into the building next door and it was quickly filled with pieces highlighting our water loving area.

Michigan Wedding Photographer_0608.jpg

Michigan Wedding Photographer_0614.jpg

Michigan Wedding Photographer_0602.jpg

I recently discovered essential oils and this is one of my favorite areas of her store to spend a lot of my time when stopping in.  I always spend so much time absorbing Jackie’s knowledge and learning new ways to use them.


And finally, I’d like to introduce you to Jackie.  She’s the beautiful soul that started all of this.  If you’re looking for a unique gift or something for yourself make sure you visit her at 229 Broadway St Marine City, Michigan 48039 and let her know that I sent you!

PS – Good Natured Gardens is also partnered with Tranquility Spa for their upcoming Women’s Wellness Day in Marine City!  There’s specials and freebies offered all around town and Jackie will be doing a free class at The Snug Theatre.  And I’m so excited to say that I’m going to be a part of it!  I’ll be set up at Good Natured Gardens talking more about my After Hours Photography and the beauty of boudoir.  Come on and visit for day of empowerment, pampering, shopping and food!


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It was one of those days where I wasn’t just checking the hourly forecast I was watching the radar all day.  Waiting for it to refresh to finally show our scheduled time.  The forecast changed hourly from will rain, to a possible chance, to under a 10% chance and as I headed out the door, the radar was clear.  But I know better than to trust the weather forecast…

Amanda & Kyle wanted to capture their shared love for the Red Wings, so we decided to start at Joe Louis and not 5 minutes into their session it started to rain.  Not knowing how much longer we would have, we took the opportunity for an outfit change and just as we were starting to shoot again, the sun was out.  Then it rained again.  I love it when the sun is shining and it’s still raining.  The way the rain drops shine as they fall is beautiful.  I always say it’s my favorite kind of rain.  But it continued like that for our entire time together.  Not enough to drench you all at once, but enough to chase us into our vehicles to try to stay dry.

They didn’t let the weather get them down, and we were still able to get some great pictures literally shooting between the raindrops.

Michigan Wedding Photographer_0562.jpg

Michigan Wedding Photographer_0563.jpg

Michigan Wedding Photographer_0564.jpg

Michigan Wedding Photographer_0565.jpg

Michigan Wedding Photographer_0566.jpg

Michigan Wedding Photographer_0567.jpg

Michigan Wedding Photographer_0568.jpg

Michigan Wedding Photographer_0569.jpg

Michigan Wedding Photographer_0570.jpg

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Their boys go to the same school together and what started off as random chance meetings at morning drop offs, soon became perfectly timed events. Good morning smiles and short waves to say hello quickly turned in to them scheduling their mornings so that they would arrive at the school at the same time just so they could see each other for a few minutes before the day started.  Three years later, Nicole and Shaun joined their families and were married on a beautiful day last month with their boys standing by their sides.

Michigan Wedding Photographer_0529.jpg

Our day started off at the hotel where the girls were getting ready

Michigan Wedding Photographer_0530.jpg

Nicole’s really wanted tulips, but with a fall wedding they weren’t exactly in season, but her cousin made it happen with these beautiful silk bouquets and boutonnieres.

Michigan Wedding Photographer_0531.jpg
Nicole was simply glowing as she got into her gown

Michigan Wedding Photographer_0532.jpg

Michigan Wedding Photographer_0533.jpg

Meanwhile, at the batcave…

Michigan Wedding Photographer_0534.jpg

Michigan Wedding Photographer_0535.jpg
The ceremony took place at North Lakeport Wesleyan Church in Lakeport and I just love this moment when Brayden sees his mom for the first time…

Michigan Wedding Photographer_0536.jpg
And the look on Shaun’s face as Nicole’s father escorts her down the aisle…

Michigan Wedding Photographer_0537.jpg

Michigan Wedding Photographer_0538.jpg

Michigan Wedding Photographer_0539.jpg

Michigan Wedding Photographer_0540.jpg

Michigan Wedding Photographer_0541.jpg

Michigan Wedding Photographer_0542.jpg

Nicole took us to some amazing locations for portraits after the ceremony, with our first stop along the St. Clair River.  How lucky for us that a freighter was just coming down the river as we arrived!

Michigan Wedding Photographer_0543.jpg

Michigan Wedding Photographer_0544.jpg

Michigan Wedding Photographer_0545.jpg

Michigan Wedding Photographer_0546.jpg

Michigan Wedding Photographer_0547.jpg

Michigan Wedding Photographer_0548.jpg

Michigan Wedding Photographer_0549.jpg

Michigan Wedding Photographer_0550.jpg

Michigan Wedding Photographer_0551.jpg

Michigan Wedding Photographer_0552.jpg

Michigan Wedding Photographer_0554.jpg

Michigan Wedding Photographer_0555.jpg

Michigan Wedding Photographer_0556.jpg

The reception took place at Alexander’s and Cakes Unlimited in Fort Gratiot created the simply beautiful, blinged out cake.

Michigan Wedding Photographer_0557.jpg

Michigan Wedding Photographer_0558.jpg
Michigan Wedding Photographer_0561.jpg
These might be some of my favorite “first dance” pictures ever.

Michigan Wedding Photographer_0559.jpg
Bob from Ultimate Sounds rocked the house and kept the dance floor hopping all night long

Michigan Wedding Photographer_0560.jpg

And one last favorite from the evening.  Congratulations Nicole and Shaun!

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I’ve had some amazing people touch my life and I’m blessed with the friends that I’ve made throughout the years.  Sometimes our lives have taken us in different directions and scattered us into different states.  And even though life sometimes get in the way, we still make time to catch up on the phone with wine dates, share plenty of texts and as often as we can visit in person.

This week my dear friend Jamie came to visit from Virginia.  She’s my one true friend from my years at Wayne State University.  As a transfer student, I missed out on on those first couple of bonding years coming in as a freshman, but the day Jamie and I met during one of my first classes at WSU we instantly clicked and have remained friends ever since.  Although we don’t get to see each other as often as we would like, we treasure every moment we do get together.  Unfortunately because I’m in the midst of busy season, I did have to work a little bit while she was here.  But she supported me and pushed me to get it done.  And when it was, we celebrated with a cocktail and selfie!


PS – this was taken with the reverse camera on my new iPhone 6 which I’m in love with!  The camera is a huge upgrade from my iPhone 4s and I can’t believe how awesome the pictures are – hmmm..  Maybe I’ll write a post about it one day.  :-)

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