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It was one of those days where you had no idea what the weather was going to do.  It was raining when we started, cleared up as we arrived for the first look and then my favorite kind of rain came down.  Yes, I do have a favorite, I’ve mentioned it before.  It’s when the sun is shining, but the rain drops are still falling.  I mean, if it’s going to rain at least the sun is shining and you know (hope) it won’t last long.  Thankfully for Tiffany and Tom, it didn’t last and they day turned out to be beautiful and perfect and their outdoor ceremony went as planned…

0071-Marchione Wedding_WEB.jpg
Our day started at the hotel where Tiffany and the girls were getting ready.

0074-Marchione Wedding_WEB.jpg

0209-Marchione Wedding_WEB.jpg
Tiffany and Tom chose a first look and Kevin found this perfect spot in Downtown Mt. Clemens

0399-Marchione Wedding_WEB.jpg

It started to sprinkle as we headed downtown for portraits, just enough to have some fun with the umbrella:-)

0439-Marchione Wedding_WEB.jpg

0463-Marchione Wedding_WEB.jpg

0525-Marchione Wedding_WEB.jpg

0549-Marchione Wedding_WEB.jpg

0656-Marchione Wedding_WEB.jpg
The fall colors were in full force along the streets of downtown.  It was absolutely picture perfect.

0698-Marchione Wedding_WEB.jpg
0097-Marchione Wedding_WEB.jpg

0762-Marchione Wedding_WEB.jpg
We stopped at the Three Blind Mice for a cocktail and a little fun before heading to Sycamore Hills for the rest of the day.

0800-Marchione Wedding_WEB.jpg

0885-Marchione Wedding_WEB.jpg

1146-Marchione Wedding_WEB.jpg
By the time we got out on to the golf course at Sycamore, the sun was out and it was turning into a perfect fall day!

1224-Marchione Wedding_WEB.jpg

1480-Marchione Wedding_WEB.jpg
Jennie and her team at Beautiful Day Planning did yet another amazing job and the room at Sycamore looked beautiful.  I just love the look that chiavari chairs add.

1356-Marchione Wedding_WEB.jpg
Christine’s Cakes and Pastries did yet another spectacular job on Tiffany & Tom’s cake.

1353-Marchione Wedding_WEB.jpg
And I love capturing my clients in the empty room so they can see all of their plans come together before the guests arrive!

1376-Marchione Wedding_WEB.jpg
The ceremony took place at the gazebo outside…

1470-Marchione Wedding_WEB.jpg

1490-Marchione Wedding_WEB.jpg

1465-Marchione Wedding_WEB.jpg

1550-Marchione Wedding_WEB.jpg

1653-Marchione Wedding_WEB.jpg

1537-Marchione Wedding_WEB.jpg

1892-Marchione Wedding_WEB.jpg

1778-Marchione Wedding_WEB.jpg

1994-Marchione Wedding_WEB.jpg

2021-Marchione Wedding_WEB.jpg

Congratulations Tiffany & Tom!!

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One question I get asked a lot is “Will you travel for our engagement session”? The answer is YES! I love to travel and love shooting in new places. And I love photographing clients in a location that means something to them. Choosing a location that means something to you is one way to make your photography more personal. So when Cassie & Kenny asked to have their engagement session at CMU where they first met I excitedly jumped at the opportunity. I’ve never visited CMU but immediately fell in love with the campus.  We had absolutely gorgeous weather with beautiful fall colors and this ranks up there with one of my most fun sessions ever!

Cassie and Kenny first met at a house party in college.   Kenny walked passed a group of guys having an intense discussion on the current state of Detroit Red Wings hockey. Intrigued, he looked and listened closer. To his surprise, at the center of the group stood the most beautiful girl he had ever seen.  It was her beauty that struck him first, but it was the way she was commanding the conversation that made the biggest impression. She was offering hockey insights that the experts could only dream of providing. He knew right then and there that he HAD to talk to this mystery girl at some point in the night.  His task was a difficult one, as he could plainly see she had had an impact with other bachelors present at the party as well.  By the end of the night, he managed to steal a few moments with her by asking her if she saw the opossums out the window.  Weird maybe, but definitely intrigued Cassie followed.  The rest you might say, is history in the making!  Cassie and Kenny are getting married next year and after spending some time getting to know them during their engagement session, I couldn’t be more excited to document their wedding!









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Colleen & Dave braved thunderstorms, freezing cold and high winds for their engagement session and thankfully they did not have to do the same for their wedding.  The weather for wedding day was absolutely perfect with warm temps and lots of sunshine.  A perfect fall day.  Welcome to the McCabe~Foley Wedding  :-)

0022-Foley Wedding_WEB.jpg

0005-Foley Wedding_WEB.jpg
Our day started with the girls getting ready at Colleen’s mom’s house.  Everyone was filled with smiles, laughter and excitement as they all prepared for the big day ahead.

0100-Foley Wedding_WEB.jpg

0183-Foley Wedding_WEB.jpg

0217-Foley Wedding_WEB.jpg
Colleen’s flower girls were beyond excited to help the bride and be a part of the day.  They took their jobs very seriously.

0202-Foley Wedding_WEB.jpg
Silk Thumb Florist did an amazing job on the florals and I loved the fresh blueberries in Colleen’s bouquet!

0353-Foley Wedding_WEB.jpg
The ceremony took place at St. Patrick Church in Wyandotte.  It was built in 1794 and absolutely gorgeous.

0394-Foley Wedding_WEB.jpg

0425-Foley Wedding_WEB.jpg

0459-Foley Wedding_WEB.jpg

0523-Foley Wedding_WEB.jpg

0605-Foley Wedding_WEB.jpg
Usually I would never condone someone taking pictures with their iPad.  Their big, bulky and always get in the way.  But when the priest announced that he was the “official photographer” for the church, I along with everyone else laughed.

0610-Foley Wedding_WEB.jpg

0677-Foley Wedding_WEB.jpg

0099-Foley Wedding_WEB.jpg

0856-Foley Wedding_WEB.jpg

1176-Foley Wedding_WEB.jpg

1220-Foley Wedding_WEB.jpg

1261-Foley Wedding_WEB.jpg

1373-Foley Wedding_WEB.jpg

1398-Foley Wedding_WEB.jpg

1524-Foley Wedding_WEB.jpg

2098-Foley Wedding_WEB.jpg
The reception took place in the waterfront tent at Silver Shores and was beautifully decorated in shades of blue and the baby’s breath added the perfect touch.

1564-Foley Wedding_WEB.jpg
Stephanie of Cakes by Stephanie did an amazing job on their cake, I especially loved the silver filigree that adorned the front.  And Brian Hood of Ultimate Entertainment rocked the house that night and had everyone dancing all night long!

1748-Foley Wedding_WEB.jpg

1781-Foley Wedding_WEB.jpg

1943-Foley Wedding-2_WEB.jpg

1996-Foley Wedding_WEB.jpg

2069-Foley Wedding_WEB.jpg

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Today I’m excited to share another high school senior session.  I’ve known Josh’s mom for over 18 years.  In fact, when I was just starting my corporate career I was hired to cover for her when she went on maternity leave.  While my corporate days are long behind me I’m so fortunate to have kept in touch with some of the people from my “previous life”.  I was so excited to see Gayle and Josh again and had a great time catching up and getting to know Josh a little better during his session.  He’s a country boy at heart.  He loves hunting, and football and he manages to balance school, sports and his part time job.  And somehow during his very busy homecoming week he squeezed in his senior portrait session with me too!  Here’s just a few of my favorites from our time together.

Michigan Wedding Photographer_0618.jpg

Michigan Wedding Photographer_0619.jpg

Michigan Wedding Photographer_0621.jpg

Michigan Wedding Photographer_0622.jpg

Michigan Wedding Photographer_0620.jpg

Michigan Wedding Photographer_0623.jpg

Michigan Wedding Photographer_0627.jpg

Michigan Wedding Photographer_0626.jpg

Michigan Wedding Photographer_0624.jpg

Michigan Wedding Photographer_0625.jpg

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This session is extra special to me, one because Tracy is one of my longest friends.  We’ve been close for over 25 years and have literally grown up together.  Two because her mom is a photographer.  And while it can be a little nerve wracking to photograph a fellow photographer, this time it surprising wasn’t for me.  I’ve learned so much from her and Debbie has been one of my biggest supporters since I’ve started my business and I was excited to get her and her family in front of my camera.

Being a photographer, you never have enough pictures of your family.  Well pictures that include you in them anyways.  :-) Here’s just a few of my favorites with the Carnahan and Wilson family!

Michigan Wedding Photographer_0595.jpg

Michigan Wedding Photographer_0596.jpg

Michigan Wedding Photographer_0598.jpg

Michigan Wedding Photographer_0597.jpg

Michigan Wedding Photographer_0599.jpg

Michigan Wedding Photographer_0600.jpg

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