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I mentioned in this post that albums are my thing and some of reasons I always suggest albums to my clients.  Today I wanted to share another recent album design and a little about how the process works.

Imagine this, you’re patiently waiting to see your full gallery of your wedding pictures.  Then when you receive it, there’s literally hundreds of images to go through.  I do set up a highlights category with some of my favorites from the day, but there are sometimes upwards of 500 more images to view.  It can seem daunting and overwhelming.  That’s why I want to help you out.  I want you to have your album in your hands as soon as we can after your wedding.  While you’re still excited.

So we try to take some of the pressure off of you.  Each album is custom designed based on your wedding.  We handle the initial design and choose the images that we think best tells the story of your wedding day.  Once the first draft is complete, we send it along for you to approve.  Don’t worry, clients always have final say in the design before it goes to print.

Once you receive your design, you can make comments as to any changes you’d like made.  This can include swapping out images, adding and deleting pages and moving images around.  I want your album to be perfect for you, and that’s why I offer a few rounds of changes.  You may see something differently after the first couple of changes are made and we don’t want you to ever think that you’re “stuck” with it if you aren’t completely happy.  I mean this is your first family heirloom and I want you to smile, and remember every time you view it.

Once everything looks perfect to you, you’ll approve the design and then we’ll take it from there.   Simple as that.  No spending hours choosing images and no design experience is necessary.  Because we’ve simplified this process for you, many of my clients have their albums in their hands 2-3 months after their wedding!

Sarah and Jarrett were married in June and recently approved their design and I’m so excited to share it!  Make sure to click the full screen button on the control bar to really see the beauty in their album!  Are you dying to see what their full gallery looks like?  Click here.

If you’re a photographer reading this I highly recommend you check out Align Album Design to help you with this process.  While I absolutely love designing albums, I tend to be very picky and designs can take me days to complete.  Last year I started outsourcing my designs to Align and I couldn’t be happier.  They design the albums in the exact same manor that I would and the turn around time is super fast!  So instead of spending days in front of my computer I’m able to better spend my time communicating with clients and imagine this…  shooting more!

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It was welcome week their junior year at MSU, Maria had just finished moving in when her friends called to say they’d be there in a few to pick her up for a night out although exhausted from moving from Chicago that day, she was excited to reconnect with her friends.  She hurriedly got ready, ran out the door of her sorority house and that’s when she first met Dave.  He was driving the car that picked Maria up that fateful night and once they started talking, the conversation has never stopped.  Since Dave’s last name is Driver, it’s fitting to say that Maria fell in love with her driver!  :-)Maria and Dave are getting married next year in Chicago and we met up where their love first started at MSU, for their engagement session…

Michigan Wedding Photographer_0470.jpg
Michigan Wedding Photographer_0468.jpg

Michigan Wedding Photographer_0482.jpg

Michigan Wedding Photographer_0481.jpg

Michigan Wedding Photographer_0472.jpg

Michigan Wedding Photographer_0471.jpg

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Meet Shayla.  She’s a high school senior at Armada High School and one of the sweetest girls I’ve met.  She’s so full of life and absolutely beautiful on the inside and out and this may be my favorite senior session ever!  We had so much fun playing the fields and woods here and I’m absolutely loving the way her pictures came out!








Her beauty and smile are not to be taken for granted.  She’s an incredible athlete.






Not only is she catcher for the Varsity Softball team, her Volleyball team won the State Championship last year!



Happy senior year Shayla!  I hope your last year of high school is filled with memories as amazing as you are!

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Albums are my “thing”.  And I tell all of my clients that.  While I do offer the digital files with all of my wedding collections, I always encourage my clients to seriously consider a wedding album.  Technology changes, computers crash and if either of those things happen you are at risk of losing all of your pictures from your wedding if they are not safely backed up.  But your printed pictures and your wedding album will last forever.  Just like many don’t remember the floppy disk, there’s a good chance no one will know what to do with a USB stick after you’re gone.

Your wedding album is your first family heirloom.  It’s the start of your legacy.  It’s something that your children, grandchildren and great grandchildren will enjoy being able to look at for years. That’s why I’m super excited to share some pictures of the albums that I offer.  Every album is custom designed to reflect your wedding day.  Every little detail, each captured moment are tucked inside.  Each page printed on photographic paper, mounted to sturdy pages, bound in a textured hard cover or a classic black leather album.  All holding the memories and telling the story of your wedding day.

Michigan Wedding Photographer_0465

This is my newest sample from Aly & Nick’s wedding.  I love how they chose an image highlighting their unique venue and all of their detailed planning.

Michigan Wedding Photographer_0467

Pages are designed and printed on full spreads and open up to lay flat as you look through the pages.

Michigan Wedding Photographer_0466

I’m proud to offer such a high quality product to my clients.  An album that will stay in your family for generations to come.  Want to see Aly & Nick’s full album design?  Check out the slideshow below!


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It’s not often, but everyone once in a while I get a request for High School Senior portraits and although it’s not something that I specialize in, I love doing these sessions.  It’s such a milestone in their lives, and I’m happy to be a part of that.  I love hearing their stories, their hopes and dreams.  And it gives me a nice little change of pace every once in a while.  You’ll see some more coming soon too.  I have a couple more seniors scheduled for this fall and one I’m almost finished editing that I can’t wait to share!

For now, here’s some from a session earlier this year with Devon at the Dequindre Cut.  I love finding new places to shoot and I’ve heard about this area for quite a while now and was excited to finally check it out!

078_Devon Senior-2_WEB
224_Devon Senior_WEB
210_Devon Senior-2_WEB
348_Devon Senior_WEB

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