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One of my long standing goals is to get better and faster at blogging.  I’ve wrote about it countless times and somehow, someway I can manage to procrastinate whenever it comes to having to sit down and write.  For example, yesterday I completely reorganized and rearranged my studio.  More on that later.  Right now I’m excited to share Amanda & Kyle’s wedding from last weekend!  This may very well be record breaking blogging time for me.  :-)

They were married last Saturday at the gorgeous Cathedral of the Most Blessed Sacrament on Woodward Ave in Detroit.  It was a perfect almost spring day.  No rain, almost warm temps and more importantly 2 people who complete each other in so many ways, vowed to spend the rest of their lives together…

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Congratulations Amanda & Kyle, we wish you a lifetime of love and happiness and are so happy to have been a part of your day.  Special thanks to all that were involved in making their day perfect and beautiful.


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You know that old saying “First comes love, then comes marriage, next comes…”.  Well we all know that sometimes that’s not always the order things happen.  While love does comes first, life sometimes has other plans for what comes next.  And just because the order of  life’s events aren’t happening according to “tradition”, it does not make a couple’s commitment to each other less significant.  Whether it’s a grand scale event, a small intimate ceremony or 2 people at a courthouse your wedding day is part of your story and a day you will always remember…

Lisa and Paul have two beautiful little girls together and will be welcoming their third in June and earlier this month they promised forever to each other and their family in an intimate ceremony at the White House Wedding Chapel.  It was perfect and beautiful and I am so happy that I was there to capture these special moments for them…







BemusWedding2015-222_WEB BemusWedding2015-363_WEB


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These past few days you can definitely tell that Spring is in the air.  As the weather is getting warmer I’m excited to see the snow melt and give way to new life as the flowers start to poke through.   But before I can move on to the official spring season I need to share the remaining sessions from this winter!  I do love winter sessions.  It is such a beautiful season and the snow makes for such a pretty backdrop, if you can withstand the cold.  Kristi and Mitch didn’t let the cold phase them and we welcomed the sunshine and the few extra degrees that came with it as we wandered around the snowy covered countryside.  They are getting married in August and after spending time with them during their engagement session, I’m really looking forward to their wedding day.  They’re kind and sweet, silly and fun and so completely in love with each other…









Luckritz_CrowellEsession-289_WEB Luckritz_CrowellEsession-474_WEB


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Aniela and Matt were married last summer and now they’re about to grow their family by 2!  Yes, that’s another set of twins joining our CTL family this year.  I’m so happy for Aniela, Matt and Olivia.  And if you can’t tell, she’s pretty excited to have a couple little brothers to play with!

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These past couple of winters have been the worst that I can remember, with bitter cold temperatures and snowfalls measuring in feet!  But the abundant sunshine this year sure did make it a pretty one despite the cold.  Tired of hibernating and missing wedding season I was feeling the need to create and photograph something pretty.  So I came up with this crazy idea to do an outdoor winter wedding shoot.  I threw the idea out to my friends Jennie and Kevin and they jumped on board.  As the date drew closer, I started getting a little nervous that it wouldn’t happen.  We were experiencing sub zero temps with wind chills in the -30s the week before and who in their right minds would want to do this?!?!

Thankfully, it warmed up a bit and at least we were above zero.  There was no wind and it was sunshine filled 14 degree day. I honestly can’t remember what the “real feel” for the day was, but we were grateful for the warmth of the sun, hand warmers, chili and hot chocolate!

This was seriously an amazing experience for me in so many ways.  With the opportunity to work freely alongside my favorite wedding professionals, there were many times where I caught myself just looking around and taking it all in.  Watching some of the most creative people I know turn my completely crazy idea into something fun, inspiring, and beautiful blew me away.  And the fact that the handsome guest model joined our family the next day definitely adds to this a memorable experience.  :-)

Special thanks to our incredible creative team – I promise you that they are not only awesome at what they do, but they are “good people” and you’ll want them to be a part of your wedding day.

Michigan Wedding Photographer_0925



Michigan Wedding Photographer_0930

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PS – I’m excited to say that this has already been picked up for online publication by Midwest Bride!  :-)

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