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It was a blind date and while it very well could have gone all wrong, really it couldn’t have gone anymore right.  Although Chris and his date were having a good time and enjoying each other’s company, there was something missing between them.   So when she said, this may sound weird, but I think you would be absolutely perfect for my friend… another blind date was set, and that turned out to be the last blind date that either Chris or Becky will ever go on…

As fate would have it, Becky’s friend was completely right.  Becky couldn’t be more perfect for Chris.  They have so much in common, it’s almost unreal.  She comes from a big family,  has the same big heart, she’s just as kind, and they have a shared passion for music, craft beer, oh and and bacon!   You would seriously be envious at the amount of concerts they have gone to and their knowledge of beer is incredible.

I’m super excited to share this session because Chris is a long time friend of ours.  He’s one of the nicest, friendliest guys you will ever meet.  And his laugh…  You just can’t help to laugh along with him!  We’ve shared so many memories throughout the years and are looking forward to sharing more with him and Becky together.  We absolutely adore her, we love seeing our friend so completely happy and we love that she loves his laugh as much as we do!
Michigan Wedding Photographer_0710 Michigan Wedding Photographer_0711 Michigan Wedding Photographer_0712 Michigan Wedding Photographer_0713 Michigan Wedding Photographer_0714 Michigan Wedding Photographer_0715 Michigan Wedding Photographer_0716 Michigan Wedding Photographer_0717 Michigan Wedding Photographer_0718 Michigan Wedding Photographer_0719 Michigan Wedding Photographer_0720

To hear him talk about Becky, you can hear the love in his voice, see it in the way he smiles at the mention of her name.  And as you can tell, the feeling is very mutual.

Michigan Wedding Photographer_0721 Michigan Wedding Photographer_0722 Michigan Wedding Photographer_0723 Michigan Wedding Photographer_0724
Michigan Wedding Photographer_0726

Michigan Wedding Photographer_0709 Michigan Wedding Photographer_0727

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Today I’m excited to feature one of my last weddings from 2014.  Kristin and Phil were married last fall and I’m not sure I’ve seen a happier bride.  She seriously wore the biggest smile all day long.  Even when their plans for an outdoor ceremony were changed and the ceremony moved indoors because it was too cold, Kristin and Phil still smiled.  They were marrying the love of their lives and nothing was change that.  Not even Mother Nature.

0071-Bajor Wedding_WEB.jpg
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0065-Bajor Wedding_WEB.jpg
0218-Bajor Wedding_WEB.jpg
0208-Bajor Wedding_WEB.jpg
0427-Bajor Wedding_WEB.jpg

0295-Bajor Wedding_WEB.jpg
0354-Bajor Wedding_WEB.jpg
0381-Bajor Wedding_WEB.jpg
0410-Bajor Wedding_WEB.jpg
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1146-Bajor Wedding_WEB.jpg
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1470-Bajor Wedding_WEB.jpg
1656-Bajor Wedding_WEB.jpg
1678-Bajor Wedding_WEB.jpg
0945-Bajor Wedding_WEB.jpg
0936-Bajor Wedding_WEB.jpg
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2267-Bajor Wedding_WEB.jpg
1946-Bajor Wedding_WEB.jpg
1989-Bajor Wedding_WEB.jpg
2029-Bajor Wedding_WEB.jpg
2014-Bajor Wedding_WEB.jpg
2062-Bajor Wedding_WEB.jpg
2100-Bajor Wedding_WEB.jpg
1866-Bajor Wedding_WEB.jpg

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It’s time for some sweet baby cuteness as I wrap up 2014 portrait sessions on the blog with this next edition “Clicking Through the Lives of Others“.  Wyatt was in the studio for his 6 month session, man I can’t believe how time flies.  It doesn’t seem that long ago that I posted his newborn session!  Angela and Tim were a little frazzled when they got here and we weren’t sure if Wyatt was going to let me take his pictures that day, he cried in the car the entire drive here.  Once we got settled in the studio, he calmed right down and even turned on the charm for me!

Michigan Wedding Photographer_0744 Michigan Wedding Photographer_0743 Michigan Wedding Photographer_0742 Michigan Wedding Photographer_0741

Michigan Wedding Photographer_0700

Heather and Trevor welcomed twins Mack and Myles into their family last fall and I got to meet them less than 2 weeks later!

Michigan Wedding Photographer_0701 Michigan Wedding Photographer_0702 Michigan Wedding Photographer_0703

Heather brought this awesome sign and her friend made the hats and boots and I just love the way it came together in this set.

Michigan Wedding Photographer_0704 Michigan Wedding Photographer_0706 Michigan Wedding Photographer_0707 Michigan Wedding Photographer_0708


I last worked with Lindsay & Mike at their wedding in 2011 and in December they welcomed baby Lucas into their family and here’s a few favorites from their maternity session in the studio.

Michigan-Wedding-Photographer_0678.jpg Michigan-Wedding-Photographer_0677.jpg Michigan-Wedding-Photographer_0676.jpg Michigan-Wedding-Photographer_0675.jpg Michigan-Wedding-Photographer_0674.jpg

Michigan Wedding Photographer_0871

And on New Year’s Day, they brought little Lucas to meet me and I can’t think of a better way to kick off the new year!

Michigan Wedding Photographer_0870 Michigan Wedding Photographer_0869 Michigan Wedding Photographer_0868 Michigan Wedding Photographer_0867 Michigan Wedding Photographer_0866 Michigan Wedding Photographer_0865 Michigan Wedding Photographer_0864 Michigan Wedding Photographer_0863

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I love to travel and am blessed that my job enables me to.  I’ve had the honor of photographing people at some amazing locations like Ericka & Jacob’s wedding on Ft. Myer’s Beach, Kelly & Tyler‘s wedding in Traverse City, Jen & Jake‘s at Castle Farms and next year I get to photograph Maria & Dave’s wedding in Chicago!  I’ve photographed engagement sessions all over the state of Michigan including Mt. Pleasant, East Lansing and Quincy and even one in New York City, and sometimes when I’m visiting my family in Florida I’ll work a little too.  :-)

I’ve been taking Ally’s pictures since she was born and I’ve photographed this beautiful little girl in Michigan, Connecticut, Rhode Island, and Central Park, I think she’s traveled as much as me and she’s only 4 years old!   But this time, just Nicole and I stayed in New York City for a girls night and checked #83 off of my list!  We saw the Broadway musical If/Then at the Richard Rodgers Theatre.  It was amazing and I’m so happy to check that one off!  For Ally’s pictures we found a quaint little Connecticut park in Newtown that had some amazing light, and we played.

Michigan Wedding Photographer_0680.jpg
Michigan Wedding Photographer_0681.jpg
Michigan Wedding Photographer_0684.jpg
Michigan Wedding Photographer_0682.jpg
Michigan Wedding Photographer_0683.jpg
Michigan Wedding Photographer_0685.jpg
Michigan Wedding Photographer_0686.jpg
Michigan Wedding Photographer_0687.jpg
Michigan Wedding Photographer_0688.jpg
Michigan Wedding Photographer_0689.jpg

Michigan Wedding Photographer_0698.jpg
Michigan Wedding Photographer_0690.jpg
Michigan Wedding Photographer_0691.jpg

Michigan Wedding Photographer_0699.jpgAfterwards we went back to the house so we could include John and their dog Rupert in some pictures too!

Michigan Wedding Photographer_0692.jpg

Michigan Wedding Photographer_0693.jpg
Michigan Wedding Photographer_0694.jpg
Michigan Wedding Photographer_0695.jpg
Michigan Wedding Photographer_0696.jpg
Michigan Wedding Photographer_0697.jpg

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For the very first time in a very long time I’m completely caught up with editing.  I know it won’t last long in fact it’s just going to be a couple of days but since I am caught up, I thought it to be about time I share some of my favorites from portrait sessions last fall!

Michigan Wedding Photographer_0630.jpg

Ella turned three this year and we had her session at the Nature Center at Goodells Park.  Michigan Wedding Photographer_0631.jpg

The colors were in full force and it was a beautiful day!

Michigan Wedding Photographer_0635.jpg

I’ve been photographing Ella and her family for 3 years now and it’s such a joy them and watching Ella grow.

Michigan Wedding Photographer_0636.jpg

Michigan Wedding Photographer_0632.jpg

Amanda always puts so much thought into her sessions and I love all of the props she brings along!  How fun to have a tea party with daddy in the middle of the woods!

Michigan Wedding Photographer_0634.jpg
Michigan Wedding Photographer_0745

And could this be any cuter?  What a fun way to announce their growing family!

Michigan Wedding Photographer_0736

I absolutely adored this session with Valerie, Ben, Finn and Hannah!  They came out to the studio on a gorgeous fall day and we had so much fun wandering around capturing these moments together.

Michigan Wedding Photographer_0737 Michigan Wedding Photographer_0735 Michigan Wedding Photographer_0739
Michigan Wedding Photographer_0729

I got to photograph some more “repeat offenders” during Levi’s 7 month session at his house last fall.

Michigan Wedding Photographer_0731

He was showing us more of his serious side that day and I love these next two with his brother Garrett.

Michigan Wedding Photographer_0728

Michigan Wedding Photographer_0732 Michigan Wedding Photographer_0733

Although he was being more serious that day, after a little bit that smiley happy baby showed up!


It’s been 3 years since I’ve photographed their wedding, and I was so excited to get Christin, Brian and now Preston in front of my camera again!


The came out to the studio for their session and although it was a little colder that day, the light was beautiful and we had so much fun playing in the leaves and corn field.


I was so happy they brought my buddy Dexter along too!


I just l-o-v-e this one…



We really did have a beautiful fall this year and it was a perfect day when I met up with the Sebastian at Yate’s Cider Mill for their session.


I think I’ve mentioned once or twice how much I love it when you include your pets in your session.  They are so much a part of our families and they deserve to be in your portraits too!

Michigan-Wedding-Photographer_0661.jpg Michigan-Wedding-Photographer_0660.jpg Michigan-Wedding-Photographer_0659.jpg

These are some of my all. time. favorites.

Michigan-Wedding-Photographer_0658.jpg Michigan-Wedding-Photographer_0657.jpg Michigan-Wedding-Photographer_0638.jpgThere’s just something I love about photographing high school seniors, especially beautiful souls like Kayla.


And especially when they include cows in their sessions.

And barns too!



Michigan-Wedding-Photographer_0645.jpgI love how powerful she looks in this series…


I had such an awesome time with Kayla and we were literally shooting until we ran out of light that night!  Stay tuned for more portrait goodness – there’s lots of CTL babies coming to the blog soon!

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