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While we’re under a winter weather advisory now, over here it’s still nice and warm as I revisit Dorothea & Adam’s wedding from last summer.  I had so much fun working with them from their engagement session through their wedding.  They had a gorgeous outdoor ceremony and reception in the Michigan State gardens. The weather was perfect and the gardens were in full bloom, not that either of these two noticed.  They had eyes only for each other, and catching their little looks and secret smiles was so much fun.  Dorothea’s beautifully beaded gown came alive in the sunlight, and she was luminous. Glowing inside and out. Between the Greek dancing and Sparty showing up, the reception hit high gear and the dance floor stayed full all night. It was such a joyous, upbeat evening. The dancing! The smiles! The ice cream! Everyone was having so much fun and I got to work with some of my favorites.  It was a great day and my cheeks hurt from smiling on the ride home.  Sparty on!




















And if you made it this far, you have to check out their same day edit by Bella Reel!

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Emily and Mack look at each other in a way that made me smile the whole time I was working through their wedding.   They look at each other so deeply and with such love, you can’t help but smile.  They shared a special moment with their parents during the ceremony and it was a typical Michigan fall day.  There was still a bit of color left on the trees and the winds made for some fun with Emily’s cathedral length veil.  The snow started coming down just as we were wrapping up their portraits and it made for some of my favorites!

There was so many things that I loved about working with Emily and Mack. They are the sweetest couple and this was the second time I’ve gotten to work with Emily’s family. I photographed her sister Ashley and Karl’s wedding in 2010.  And I’m super excited for the third Miller sister’s wedding with Bailey and Vince’s wedding next year!   


Congratulations Emily and Mack!





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I really had an awesome wedding season this year, although looking at my blog you might not know it.  (you can read a little more about what I’ve been up to this year here and here.)  While I haven’t been posting here very much, I assure you that sneak peeks are still getting posted regularly on our Facebook Page so make sure you follow along there for all of the latest.  🙂

Last week I finally hired a part-time assistant.  I’ll formally introduce her here soon.  She’s awesome though, you’ll love her and now that she’s here, it’s freeing up some time so that I can get caught up!  Starting with Lindsay & Rob’s wedding from July.  I’ve gotten to work at some totally cool venues with some really amazing people and I’m sorry that I haven’t shared them until now.  There are so many details I loved about their wedding.  Navy Blue Tuxedos… Her shoes…  The way Rob looked at Lindsay as she came down the aisle… baby’s breath… a vintage Packard… and just wait til you see Lindsay’s pup Romeo!

























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This summer has gone by so fast, I’m seriously in awe that we’re now officially in October.  I’m still working through September weddings and with the fall upon us, I’ve been scheduling sessions like mad.  My motto lately is “Winter is coming”, yes a Game of Thrones reference, but seriously I’m looking forward to all of the things slowing down and being able to come up for air and maybe take a day or two off.

Hoppily Ever After has come a long way in a short time.  1 year ago we were preparing to pitch a crazy idea and last weekend we woke up as hop farmers with a 3 acre farm and 2400 plants in 4 different varieties.  We’ve had so many people reach out to us this year offering to help, but to be honest we were fumbling along and didn’t even know where we needed help.  But we were finally able to plan something, our fall planting.  And we were completely overwhelmed with amount of help we had!  It was amazing to look around and see everyone there helping, working together all because they believed in us and our dreams. Family, friends, neighbors and even people we had never met all showed up to lend a hand and I even remembered to take some pictures!


I had to chuckle when our first delivery showed up in a Penske truck.  In my “previous” life I worked for Penske, and found it a little ironic.  🙂

My dad has been visiting for the last month and a half and has been helping us so much around here.  He even drove to the west side of the state to pick up the other half of our hops for us!

Everyone came ready to work and I cannot believe how fast we put 2000 plants in the ground.  By 2:00pm we were done!ctl_0229_web
img_7360_webOur watering situation still isn’t ideal, but we were able to hook it up so that two could water at once!


Lots of work was done and lots of fun was had, especially by the kids and my cousin Lisa who after pining over it all day, finally got to play on the tractor.

More flowers went in and we got some new furniture for the gardens too!  It’s been a whirlwind of a year, but “It’s all happening”…

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Watching your child eating cake during their first birthday party is by far some of the funniest and most memorable moments of the day.  So why not preserve those memories forever by including a cake smash in your child’s 1 year session?  The cake smash photo trend has been around for some years now, and has even been picked up by some ironic 30 year olds more recently. It shows no sign of slowing, only evolving into bigger and better. And why not? It’s a time honored tradition and the resulting pictures are adorable!

BobbyTrombley_02231Year_WEBAnd the best part?  We’ve teamed with up with an amazing cake artist who will work with you to design the perfect cake for your session and delivers it right to the studio so you don’t have to worry about bringing one more thing to your session.  You can match the cake to the outfit, pick the theme and props, and you won’t miss the perfect smash moment trying to get pictures.  Cakes featured above by Living. Breathing. Baking.




JamesSaigh_1Year_0423_WEBSometimes they aren’t real keen on the idea, but don’t worry eventually they warm up to it and dig right in!


You’ll get the  perfect photos for gifts, cards, and hanging on the wall.  Maybe even to break out at the graduation party!

Enjoy our sugary shots above?

We also have a  Cake Smash Pinterest board for some more inspiration!


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